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Sermon Archive Search. This table is a work in progress as of October 2017. Type in search box to render results. Dates, Series, Speaker, etc. So far archive covers December 2013 through January 21, 2018. (last update: 1/23/2018 jvh)
DateSpeakerSermon ScriptureSeriesTitle
12/1/2013Josh BanksPhilippians 3:1-3PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 1
12/8/2013Josh BanksPhilippians 3:4-11PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 2
12/15/2013Josh BanksPhilippians 3:12-16PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 3
12/29/2013Josh BanksPhilippians 3:17-21PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 4
1/5/2014Josh Banks2 Corinthians 5:18-21NASharing The Gospel
1/12/2014Josh BanksPhilippians 4:1-3PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 5
1/19/2014Josh BanksPhilippians 4:4-9PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 6
1/26/2014Josh BanksPhilippians 4:8-9PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 7
2/2/2014Josh BanksPhilippians 4:10-13PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 8
2/9/2014Josh BanksPhilippians 4:14-19PhilippiansPhilippians Vol 9
2/16/2014Josh BanksGenesis 1:1Knowing GodKnowing God Vol 1
2/23/2014Josh Banks2 Corinthians 13:14Knowing GodThe Trinity Vol 2
3/2/2014Josh BanksPsalm 139:1-18Knowing God3 Attributes Of God Vol 3
3/9/2014Josh BanksIsaiah 6:1-7Knowing GodThe Holiness of God Vol 4
3/16/2014Josh BanksExodus 34:6-7Knowing GodGod Is A Righteous And Just God Vol 5
3/23/2014Josh BanksEphesians 1:2-6Knowing GodRole Of The Father Vol 6
3/30/2014Josh BanksJohn 16:5-15Knowing GodThe Ministry Of The Holy Spirit Vol 7
4/6/2014Josh BanksActs 1:7-8Knowing GodThe Empowerment Of The Holy Spirit Vol 8
4/13/2014Josh BanksJohn 12:27-34Knowing GodThe Triumphal Entry of Christ Vol 9
4/20/2014Josh Banks1 Corinthians 15:1-11NA2014 Easter Sermon
4/27/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:1-2ColossiansGrace And Peace Be Unto You Vol 1
5/4/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:3-8 ColossiansA Church That Lives By Faith Vol 2
5/11/2014Josh Banks1 Timothy 2:9-15 NA2014 Mothers Day Sermon
5/18/2014Jason FrancisEphesians 2:8-9 NAGod’s Gifts Of Justification Through Faith Produces The By Product Of Good Works
5/25/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:9-12ColossiansSeeking Knowledge Vol 3
6/1/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:9-12ColossiansPatience Is A Fruit Of The Spirit Vol 4
6/8/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:13-14ColossiansThe Work Of Christ In Salvation Vol 5
6/15/2014Josh BanksEphesians 6:4NA2014 Fathers Day Sermon
6/22/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:15-18ColossiansChrist Is The Very Embodiment Of Who God Is Vol 6
6/29/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:19-23ColossiansReconciled All Things To Himself Vol 7
7/6/2014Josh BanksRomans 6:15-23 NAFreedom In Christ
7/13/2014Josh BanksJame 3:6-12NATame Our Tongue To Honor God And Others
7/20/2014Josh Banks1 Corinthians 12-19Healthy Church MemberBeing A Functioning Member Of The Church Vol 1
7/27/2014Josh BanksEphesians 4:11-16Healthy Church MemberBeing A Growing Member Of The Church Vol 2
8/3/2014Josh BanksMatthew 28:18-20Healthy Church MemberAn Evangelizing Church Member Vol 3
8/10/2014Josh BanksRomans 12:14-21Healthy Church MemberBeing A Humble Church Member Vol 4
8/17/2014Josh Banks1 Corinthians 12:12-20 Healthy Church MemberThe Importance Of Church Membership Vol 5
8/24/2014Chris IrickIsaiah 55:1-7 NADo We Have A Thirst For Righteousness
8/31/2014Josh BanksLuke 6:46-49Healthy Church MemberBeing A Wise Builder Vol 6
9/7/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:21-23ColossiansGo Forth And Decide To Please Him Vol 8
9/14/2014Josh BanksColossians 1:19-23 ColossiansProclaiming The Gospel Vol 9
9/21/2014Chris IrickEzekiel 37:1-14NAValley Of The Dry Bones
9/28/014Josh BanksColossians 1:24-29ColossiansThe Power Of God In Salvation Vol 10
10/5/2014Josh BanksColossians 2:1-3ColossiansWe Find It In Christ Vol 11
10/12/2014Jason FrancisJohn 8:2-12NALove Thy Neighbor As Thyself
10/19/2014Josh BanksColossians 2:4-7 ColossiansSaved By Grace Through Faith Vol 12
10/26/2014Josh BanksColossians 2:8-15ColossiansComplete In Christ Vol 13
11/2/2014Josh BanksJohn 4:20-24WorshipWorship In Spirit And Truth Vol 1
11/9/2014Josh BanksMicah 1:6-14 WorshipWhat Is Unacceptable Worship Vol 2
11/16/2014Josh BanksRomans 12:1-2 WorshipSpiritual Service Of Worship Vol 3
11/23/2014Josh BanksLuke 10:38-42 WorshipThe Priority Of Worship Over Service Vol 4
11/30/2014Josh BanksJob 1:13-22 WorshipWorship Is A Selfless Act Vol 5
12/7/2014Josh BanksColossians 2:16-23 ColossiansIt Is God Alone Who Justifies Us Vol 14
12/21/2014Youth GroupNAChristmas 2014 Children’s Program
12/28/2014Josh BanksColossians 2:20-23ColossiansOnly In Christ Hold On To Him Vol 15
1/4/2015Josh BanksJosha 1:1-9Spiritual DisciplinesThe Scripture Our Guide For Life Vol 1
1/11/2015Josh BanksMark 4:1-12Spiritual DisciplinesThe Discipline Of Evangelism Vol 2
1/18/2015Josh BanksMatthew 7:7-11 Spiritual DisciplinesThe Discipline Of Prayer Vol 3
1/25/2015Josh BanksMatthew 7:7-11 Spiritual DisciplinesSpiritual Discipline Of Fasting Vol 4
2/1/2015Chris IrickColossians 3:1-11ColossiansRaised Up With Christ Vol 16
2/8/2015Josh BanksColossians 3:12-17 ColossiansChosen By Christ Vol 17
2/15/2015Chris IrickColossians 3:18-4:1ColossiansCommands For Christian Households Vol 18
3/1/2015Josh BanksMatthew 16:13-20 NA2015 Founders Day Sermon
3/8/2015Josh BanksColossians 3:20-4:1ColossiansBe Mindful Of Ourselves Always Vol 19
3/15/2015Josh BanksColossians 4:2-6ColossiansThe Christian And The Outsider Vol 20
3/22/2015Josh BanksColossians 4:7-18ColossiansStrive To Unite With Fellow Saints In The Body Of Christ Vol 21
3/29/2015Josh BanksLuke 19:37-44NA2015 Palm Sunday Sermon
4/5/2015Josh BanksPsalm 22:1-31 NA2015 Easter Sunday
4/12/2015Josh BanksPhilemon 1:1-9Prison EpistlesThe Need For Forgiveness Vol 4
4/19/2015Chris IrickPhilemon 1:8-25Prison EpistlesAn Appeal For Compassion Vol 5
4/26/2015Josh BanksMatthew 1:1-17 The Arrival of the KingGenealogy Of Jesus The Messiah Vol 1
5/3/2015Jason FrancisJohn 8:48-59NAJesus Christ Our Cornerstone For Salvation
5/10/2015Josh BanksMatthew 1:18-25 The Arrival of the KingWhose Son Is He Vol 2
5/17/2015Chris IrickDeuteronomy 6:1-9 NAThe Three Fold Use Of The Law
5/31/2015Josh BanksMatthew 2:1-12 The Arrival of the KingThe King Has Come Vol 3
6/7/2015Josh BanksMatthew 2:13-23The Arrival of the KingValidation Of Jesus As King Vol 4
6/14/2015Josh BanksMatthew 3:1-12The Arrival of the KingThe Herald Of The King Vol 5
6/21/2015Josh BanksMatthew 3:7-12The Arrival of the KingThe Righteous Judgement Of The King Vol 6
6/28/2015Chris IrickMatthew 3:13-17The Arrival of the KingCoronation Of The King Vol 7
6/28/2015Chris IrickMatthew 3:13-17BaptismCoronation Of The King Vol 1
7/5/2015Chris IrickMatthew 3:16-20BaptismThe Spiritual Significance Of Baptism Vol 2
7/12/2015Chris IrickRomans 6:1-4BaptismBaptism It’s Proper Recipients And It’s Mode Vol 3
7/22/2015Josh BanksMatthew 4:1-11Overcoming TemptationHaving Victory In Temptation Vol 8 Part 1
7/26/2015Josh BanksMatthew 4:5-7Overcoming TemptationHaving Victory In Temptation Vol 8 Part 2
8/2/2015Josh BanksMatthew 4:8-11Overcoming TemptationHaving Victory In Temptation Vol 8 Part 3
8/9/2015Josh BanksMatthew 4:12-17Called by GospelLight Shines In Darkness Vol 9
8/16/2015Jason Francis1 Peter 2:5NAPriesthood Of Believers
8/23/2015Josh BanksMatthew 4:18-22Called by GospelFishers Of Men Vol 10
8/30/2015Josh BanksMatthew 4:23-25Called by GospelThe Gospel Of The Kingdom Vol 11
9/6/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:1-12The BeatitudesIntro To Sermon On The Mount Vol 12
9/13/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:1-12The BeatitudesHappy Are The Spiritually Bankrupt Vol 13
9/20/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:1-12The BeatitudesHappy Are The Sad Vol 14
9/27/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:1-12The BeatitudesHappy Are The Meek Vol 15
10/4/2015Josh Banks2 Timothy 3Reformation 2015Scripture Alone – The Final Authority Vol 1
10/11/2015Josh Banks2 Timothy 1:8-10Reformation 2015Sola Gratia – Grace Alone Vol 2
10/18/2015Josh BanksRomans 1:1-17Reformation 2015Sola Fide, Solus Christus / Faith Alone, Christ Alone Vol 3
10/25/2015Josh BanksRomans 11:33-36Reformation 2015Soli Deo Gloria / For The Glory Of God Alone Vol 4
11/1/2015Josh BanksIsaiah 6:1-7NAThe Exalted Living Christ
11/8/2015Stephen CaldwellMatthew 16:1-21Christ Will Build His Church
11/15/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:6The BeatitudesThe Righteousness That Satisfies Vol 16
11/22/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:7The BeatitudesSo Great A Mercy Vol 17
11/29/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:8The BeatitudesA Matter Of The Heart Vol 18
12/6/2015Chris IrickMatthew 5:9The BeatitudesWhat It Really Means To Be A Peacemaker Vol 19
12/13/2015Josh BanksGalatians 4:1-7NASonship In Christ
12/20/2015YouthYouth Christmas PlayNew Star
12/27/2015Josh BanksMatthew 5:10-12The BeatitudesRejoice And Be Glad Vol 20
1/3/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:13-16Law Abiding CitizensPreserving And Illuminating Vol 21
1/10/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:17-20Law Abiding CitizensChrist Fulfilled The Law Vol 22
1/17/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:21-26Law Abiding CitizensAn Acceptable Offering Vol 23
1/31/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:27-30Law Abiding CitizensPurity Of Marriage Vol 24
2/7/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:31-32Law Abiding CitizensThe Oneness Of Marriage Vol 25
2/14/2016Josh Banks1 Corinthians 13:1-7NAThe Superiority Of Love
2/21/2016Josh BanksJohn 17:13-21NASanctified In Truth
2/28/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:33-37Law Abiding CitizensMoral Integrity Vol 26
3/6/2016Josh BanksPsalm 13:1-6NAHope During Despair
3/13/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:38-42Law Abiding CitizensResponding To Evil Vol 27
3/20/2016Josh BanksMatthew 5:43-48Law Abiding CitizensLove Your Enemies Vol 28
3/27/2016Josh BanksLeviticus 1:1-9NAChrist, Our Substitute
4/3/2016Josh BanksMatthew 6:1-4Rewards of the FaithfulSincere Devotion Of The Heart Vol 29
4/10/2016Josh BanksMatthew 6:5-8Rewards of the FaithfulPraying That Pleases God Vol 30
4/17/2016Josh BanksMatthew 6:9-14Rewards of the FaithfulThe Model Prayer Vol 31 Part 1
4/24/2016Josh BanksMatthew 6:9-15Rewards of the FaithfulThe Model Prayer Vol 31 Part 2
5/1/2016Josh BanksMatthew 6:16-18Rewards of the FaithfulFasting For God’s Honor Vol 32
5/8/2016Jason FrancisProverbs 31NAThe Virtuous Woman
5/15/2016Josh BanksEphesians 1:3-14NAGod The Father The Giver Of All Blessings Vol 1
5/22/2016Josh BanksActs 10:34-43NAJesus The Lord Of All Vol 2
5/29/2016Josh BanksJohn 16:5-15NAThe Holy Spirit Our Advocate Vol 3
6/5/2016Josh Banks1 John 3:3-10NAThe Myth Of The Gay Christian
6/12/2016Josh BanksMatthew 6:19-24 Rewards of the FaithfulEternal Treasures Vol 33
6/19/2016Josh BanksMatthew 6:25-34Rewards of the FaithfulConfidence In God’s Providence Vol 34
6/26/2016Josh BanksMatthew 7:1-6 The Fork in the RoadPrinciples Of Judgement Vol 35
7/3/2016Josh BanksMatthew 7:7-12The Fork in the RoadAsk, Seek, And Knock Vol 36
7/10/2016Jason FrancisExodus 20:1-11The Ten CommandmentsWhy The Commandments? Vol 1
7/17/2016Jason FrancisExodus 20:12-17The Ten CommandmentsWhy The Commandments? Vol 2
7/24/2016Josh BanksMatthew 7:13-14The Fork in the RoadThe Wide Or The Narrow? Vol 37
7/31/2016Josh BanksMatthew 7:15-20The Fork in the RoadConcerning False Teachers Vol 38
8/8/2016Josh BanksMatthew 7:24-29The Fork in the RoadThe Two Builders Vol 39
8/14/2016Josh BanksRevelation 4:1-11Worship: On Earth as it is in HeavenThe Glory Of The Creator Vol 1
8/21/2016Josh BanksRevelation 5:1-14Worship: On Earth as it is in HeavenWorthy Is The Lamb Vol 2
8/28/2016Josh BanksRevelation 7:1-17Worship: On Earth as it is in HeavenJoyful Before The Lord Vol 3
9/4/2016Josh BanksColossians 3:16-17Worship: On Earth as it is in HeavenThe Indwelling Word Vol 4
9/11/2016Josh BanksMatthew 8:1-17Authenticating PowerThe Compassionate Savior Vol 40
9/18/2016Josh BanksMatthew 8:18-22Authenticating PowerDisciples Tested Vol 41
9/25/2016Josh BanksMatthew 8:23-27Authenticating PowerWhat Kind Of Man Is This? Vol 42
10/2/2016Josh BanksJohn 3:1-21The Doctrines of GraceTotal Depravity Vol 1
10/9/2016Josh BanksJohn 6:26-40The Doctrines of GraceUnconditional Election Vol 2
10/16/2016Josh BanksJohn 10:1-21The Doctrines of GraceLimited Atonement Vol 3
10/23/2016Josh BanksJohn 10:1-6The Doctrines of GraceIrresistible Grace Vol 4
10/30/2016Josh BanksJohn 10:22-30The Doctrines of GracePerseverance of the Saints Vol 5
11/6/2016Jason FrancisJames 1:1-8Epistle Of James SeriesPerfect Patience Vol 1
11/13/2016Josh BanksMatthew 8:28-34Authenticating PowerPower Over The Supernatural Vol 43
11/20/2016Josh BanksMatthew 9:1-8Authenticating PowerAuthority To Forgive Sins Vol 44
11/27/2016Josh BanksMatthew 9:9-13Authenticating PowerVol 45 (TBD)
12/4/2016Jason FrancisJames 1:3-8Epistle Of James SeriesPersevering Wisdom Vol 2
12/11/2016Josh BanksMatthew 9:14-17Authenticating PowerThe Dangers Of Legalism Vol 46
12/18/2016Josh BanksMatthew 9:18-26Authenticating PowerChildlike, Trusting Faith Vol 47
12/25/2016Josh BanksMatthew 9:18-26Authenticating PowerThe Hope Of Christmas Vol 48
1/1/2017Jason FrancisJames 1:9-11Epistle Of James SeriesSpiritual Wisdom Vol 3
1/8/2017NANANANA (weather)
1/15/2017Josh BanksMatthew 9:27-38Authenticating PowerThe King’s Call For Labors Vol 49
1/22/2017Josh BanksMatthew 10:1-15Discipleship TrainingInstructions For Service Vol 50
1/28/2017Josh BanksMatthew 10:16-23Discipleship TrainingCounting The Cost Vol 51
2/5/2017Jason FrancisJames 1:12-18Epistle Of James SeriesEvery Good Gift Comes From God Vol 4
2/12/2017Josh BanksEphesians 5:22-33NALoving As Christ Loves
2/19/2017Josh BanksHebrews 12:1-3NARun Your Race
2/26/2017Josh BanksMatthew 10:24-31Discipleship TrainingCharacteristics Of A Disciple Vol 52 (part 1)
3/5/2017Jason FrancisJames 1:19-20Epistle Of James SeriesStay In The Word Vol 5
3/12/2017Josh BanksMatthew 10:32-42Discipleship TrainingCharacteristics Of A Disciple Vol 52 (part 2)
3/19/2017Josh BanksMatthew 11:1-6Responding To The KingConfronting Doubts VOL 53
3/26/2017Josh BanksMatthew 11:7-15Responding To The KingTaking The Kingdom By Force Vol 54
4/2/2017Jason FrancisJames 1:21-27 Epistle Of James SeriesHearing And Doing Of The Word Vol 6
4/9/2017Josh BanksRomans 3:21-26Palm SundayThe Glorious Gospel Of God
4/16/2017Josh BanksLuke 24:44-53Resurrection DayExaltation Of Christ
4/23/2017Josh BanksPsalm 90:1-17NATeach Us To Value Our Days
4/30/2017Josh BanksMatthew 11:16-30Responding To The KingCome To Me Vol 55
5/7/2017Jason FrancisJames 2:1-4Epistle Of James SeriesDo Not Be Partial Vol 7
5/14/2017Josh BanksMatthew 12:1-14Responding To The KingThe Lord Of The Sabbath Vol 56
5/21/2017Josh BanksMatthew 12:15-21Responding To The KingThe Beloved King Vol 57
5/28/2017Josh BanksMatthew 12:22-32Responding To The KingBlasphemy Of The Holy Spirit Vol 58
6/4/2017Jason FrancisEphesians 4:11-16NAMaturing Saints
6/11/2017Josh BanksMatthew 12:33-37Responding To The KingWords Reveal Character Vol 59
6/18/2017Jason FrancisJames 2:5-13Epistle Of James SeriesPartiality Is Sin Vol 8
6/25/2017Josh BanksMatthew 12:38-50Responding To The KingWho Is The Family Of God Vol 60
7/2/2017Josh BanksPsalm 87:1-7The Glory Of The ChurchThe Lord Delights In Corporate Worship Vol 1
7/9/2017Jason FrancisActs 2:42The Glory Of The ChurchHow Do You Measure A Successful Church Vol 2
7/16/2017Jason FrancisEphesians 4:1-10The Glory Of The ChurchWalk Worthy Of Our Calling Vol 3
7/23/2017Josh BanksHebrews 10:19-25 The Glory Of The ChurchThe Outgrowth Of Salvation Vol 4
7/30/2017Josh BanksActs 2:42-47The Glory Of The ChurchExemplary Church Life Vol 5
8/6/2017Josh BanksRomans 12:9-21The Glory Of The ChurchThe Practical Applications Of Our Salvation Vol 6
8/13/2017Jason FrancisPhilippians 2:1-8The Glory Of The ChurchThe Joy Of The Lord Vol 7
8/20/2017Josh BanksPsalm 1:1-6Psalm For YouHow Blessed Is The Man Vol 1
8/27/2017Josh BanksPsalm 2:1-12Psalm For YouThe Reign Of The Anointed King Vol 2
9/3/2017Jason FrancisPsalm 23Psalm For YouThe Lord Is My Shepherd Vol 3
9/10/2017Stephen CaldwellPsalm 42Psalm For YouHope In God Vol 4
9/17/2017Josh BanksPsalm 19Psalm For YouThe Heaven Declares The Glory Of God Vol 5
9/24/2017Josh BanksPsalm 62Psalm For YouWait Upon The Lord Vol 6
10/1/2017Jason FrancisJames 2:14-20Epistle Of James SeriesFaith Without Works Is Dead Vol 9
10/8/2017Josh BanksMatthew 13:1-23The Kingdom ParablesThe Parable Of The Sower Vol 61
10/15/2017Stephen CaldwellRomans 5:1-11Reformation 2017Justification
10/22/2017Joshua BanksMatthew 13:24-43The Kingdom ParablesThe Kingdom And The World
10/29/2017Joshua BanksEphesians 2:1-10Reformation 2017The Nature Of Saving Faith
11/05/2017Jason FrancisJames 2:21-26Epistle Of James SeriesLiving Faith
11/12/2017Joshua BanksMatthew 13:44-58The Kingdom ParablesThe Value Of The Kingdom Vol 63
11/19/2017Joshua BanksRuth 1:1-22NAThe Same God That Takes Is The Same God That Gives
11/26/2017Joshua BanksMatthew 14:1-12Identifying JesusThe Danger Of Spirituality Vol 64
12/3/2017Jason FrancisJames 3:1-12Epistle Of James SeriesWindow To The Soul Vol 11
12/10/2017Joshua BanksMatthew 14:13-21Identifying JesusOur Need For Compassion Vol 65
12/18/2017Joshua BanksMatthew 14:22-33Identifying JesusA Test Of Faith Vol 66
12/24/2017Joshua BanksRomans 1:1-7NAThe Gospel Of God
12/31/2017Joshua BanksMatthew 15:1-20Identifying JesusTradition Vs Commandment Vol 67
1/7/2018Joshua BanksMatthew 15:10-20Identifying JesusDefilement Of The Heart Vol 68
1/14/2018Joshua BanksMatthew 15:21-28Identifying JesusThe Character Of Great Faith Vol 69
1/21/2018Joshua BanksMatthew 15:29-39Identifying JesusThe Impartial Jesus Vol 70
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